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Mike Siani, verbally commits to The University of Virginia.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014, 11:46PM

Mike Siani, freshman at William Penn Charter high school verbally commits to The University of Virginia.

Siani, now a veteran Whiz Kid at his young age, has been training and improving his movement quality through an emphasis on quality swinging and throwing patterns since the advent of the Winter Workout and other skill development programs going back six years. By emphasizing good quality movement and downplaying hitting and pitching results, Siani has been disciplined through the process of achieving his own unique potential. 

 Mike, like many other kids who have the baseball bug, can rarely be seen without a bat in hand. His father, Ralph Siani, has been determined to provide the optimal environment for his sons' development by constantly seeking and implementing quality advice with an open mind to make difficult decisions. 

 Achieving success at such a young age, the underlying theme that is the true measure of Siani's impressive success is the quality of the intent, focus and presence in each repetition of his training. The quantity of repetition Mike has at such a young age with a batting cage in his backyard and years of committed attendance to Whiz Kids training programs is worthy of note, but make no mistake that it is indeed the quality of process that enhances repetition and brings with it success and results. 

 Result oriented training is a major issue with youth development. We must re-evaluate our definition of success. While we congratulate Mike and the Siani family for their exciting news, this is just a small measure of external validation to invigorate the training process. Keep your head down and train, train harder and focus on your process. Over time you will sense the competition fade, there will be knocks on the door and the phone will ring, but keep your head down. The experience is in the journey and the most rewarding view comes from the top when you look up to realize you have traveled higher than everyone else who stopped to take it in along the way.

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