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Teams 16U Elite

Whizkids 16U Elite


1-Elite Baseball of Lancaster 16U 5/26  5/27  5/28

2-ASBA Villanova team showcase 6/2 to 6/3

3-Elite Baseball of Lancaster 16U 6/9 & 6/10

4-ASBA University of Delaware team showcase 6/16 to 6/17

5-BSE 3RD Annual College Showcase 6/23 to 6/24

6-Elite Baseball of Lancaster 7/6 to 7/8

7-MSI Team exposure Camp 7/17 7/18 7/19

8-BSE College Showcase Tournament 7/21 to 7/22

9-MSI Liberty Bell Invite 7/31

10-Diamond Nation BCP 16U 8/6 TO 8/8


*Tournaments schedule is subject to change

*8 tournaments guaranteed

*The tournaments listed above the dates and times have not been established

*We will sign up for 10 tournaments you are guaranteed 8

*We did 10 last year so if two tournaments get rained I do not owe an additional replacement tournament

*schedule will be set by 2-1-18

Hotels, airfare, travel, etc are not included.

Season will start Sunday Memorial weekend 2018

Cost position player and pitcher $2500.00 plus $150.00 for Uniform $2650.00

Cost Pitcher only $2,300.00 plus $150 total $2450.00

We have to vote as a group if we are going to Georgia the cost if we go to Georgia is $3300.00 7/8 to 7/15