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Parent Testimonials

My son Billy has been training with The Whiz Kids for several years now. We had many hours of private instruction from both Chez and Tyler for pitching and hitting I can honestly say, I can not believe how far my son has come.

– Bill McFarland

Bill -

Reilly verbally committed to The University of the Sciences last night. I want to thank you and all the Whiz Kids family for your leadership and direction. In particular Chez and RJ. Chez for taking a raw pitcher to a pitcher that can not only start but complete games. RJ for his overall leadership and direction to the entire team over the last 3+ years.

Reilly coming from a small school such as Calvary Christian Academy did not see great competition. However the WK schedule of tournaments, showcases and week night games gave him the opportunity to be seen by every level of college recruiters. Under the tutelage of the Whiz Kids he lead his high school team to two district champonships and threw a 2-hitter in a playoff game. He was also named captain as a junior.

Thanks again for all your hard work!

– Bill Degen

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the entire Whiz Kids staff for the tremendous impact you had on Anthony's development and success over the past three years. Your dedication and commitment to providing the absolute best coaching and training is remarkable. In addition to all the in-season work that you do for the players, the indoor winter workouts have been exceptional. The one-on-one instruction with Chez has allowed Anthony to get to a level that he could never have achieved on his own.

Most importantly, the work that you've done for Anthony throughout the college recruiting process has been amazing. The countless hours that you've put in, emails you've sent and phone calls you've made have certainly pushed Anthony's level of exposure to the highest level possible. The scholarship that he is receiving from Seton Hall University is a true testament to the support and backing of the Whiz Kids program.

 With sincere thanks,

– Augie Scafidi

I want to thank you and your team of coaches that have helped pave the way for Jackson to play at the next level. I can remember like it was yesterday when Jackson started coming to your Winter Workouts and his first showcase at LaSalle University. The Winter Workouts help develop his strength and velocity through the winter. In the recruiting process you and your coaches gave us not only a blueprint but the relationship to connect and guide us. The phone calls made and the picture you painted of Jackson's abilities and character made all the difference when meeting with college coaches. The way you teach baseball and how "the boys" carry themselves on the field inspired some great success stories that we will all cherish. The Whiz Kids family has been a great blessing to us and filled a hole in the Collegeville area to play baseball at a high level. I would recommend your program for any player wanting to play at the next level. Thanks for all you have done for Jackson.

– Charlie Martin

"We've been very pleased with the Whiz Kids experience from Bill Angeloni right down through the entire Whiz Kids coaching staff. The playing experience for Matt has been excellent with lots of personal attention. Bill's consistent insight and guidance to us during the recruiting process was exactly what we were looking for. Bill took a persona interest in Matt's development and success, as he does with all the boys.

– Cliff Kozemchak

We were very fortunate to have been introduced to the Whiz Kids baseball program and Bill Angeloni a few years ago. Within a short period of time it became evident that Chris' game would be elevated by the excellent coaching and higher level of competition. The Whiz Kids program does a good job creating a family atmosphere and the people that we've met inthe past three years are now close friends. Most importantly, no one that I've met understands the college baseball recruiting process better than Bill Angeloni. We are extremely grateful for our time with the Whiz Kids and I would recommend the program to any serious baseball player who wants to improve his game.

– Mark and Chris Melillo

In the Santoianna household baseball is "King" and the king of travel baseball in the greater Philadelphia area is the Whiz Kids organization. Coach Angeloni and his team have it all covered.  - from quality coaching to state of the art training and position drills. More importantly Angeloni stresses the finer aspects of playing at the next level and moving through the recruiting process. - things like academics, consistent hard work(on and off the field, targeting "good fit" colleges and staying in touch with coaches of those colleges. He was great with picking up the phone and reaching out to his many contacts on Johnny's behalf. We could not have done it without you coach; Donna and I send a heartfelt thank you.

– Mike Santoianni

Bill -

I want to thank you and all the staff of the Whiz Kids organization. Top notch baseball guys and top notch people. Bill.... thank you for all that you have done to make it possible for Brad to be a part of the Whiz Kids. Chez, RJ and Tim.... Brad can't thank you guys enough for what you have done for him. The tournaments and leauges that the team participated in provided excellent levels of competition as well as excellent opportunities for college exposure at all levels. The Whiz Kids experience is something we will never forget and are proud to have been a part of it.

I see the list of committments from this team and it looks like we are up to nine guys committed at this point and I would guess there will be more as well. What a great team and great opportunity it was for Brad to play with these guys. Absolutely quality baseball!!!!! And more importantly.... absolutely quality young men! We will miss them all and wish them all the best!

– Chuck Machinski

A special thank you to Chez -

I just really want to thank you for all that you have done for Brad. As I have said previously, we value your opinion and trust the things you say. I think working with you over the winter set him on course to really get serious about pitching. Your work ethic and attitude and approach to the game were something Brad respected and has tried to emulate. Your no-nonsense, tell it like it is manner is something that kids serious about the game can appreciate. Brad loved it when he was on the mound and you were at the game. He knew he was going to learn something that day and that you would make him better with your evaluation and feedback. And the email that you sent talking about your similar path through the same process really helped Brad when he was struggling with choosing a D3 over a D1 or D2 because everyone was telling him that he was crazy to pick a D3 school even though that is what felt right for him. Hearing your words and thoughts really helped him to move past everything else and gave him the peace of mind to just do what his heart was telling him. So, as a father, I just wanted to thank you for helping my son during this very important time in his life. He is so happy with his decision and can't wait to get moving with his future and playing with a national powerhouse program like Rowan.

– Chuck Machinski