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All Substance, little show.

We aren't one of those organizations that makes claims like "Only the best play here." We aren't going to posture for your business by promising exposure or leveraging relationships with head coaches. As far as exposure goes, our stance is pretty straight forward. If you aren't driven to be the best version of yourself in the game of baseball, you will eventually get exposed.

Great players get recruited. Great players can play anywhere and get recruited. Great players need guidance to push themselves beyond the scope of their immediate competitive standing. There is a good chance that you aren't currently great. Perhaps you dream of greatness. That's awesome. We will do our best to educate you on where you currenlty stand and guide you through the process of reaching your potential. Stop worrying about your opportunities and your exposure. Get in the drivers seat.

This is an environment where normal baseball players with big dreams show up to work consistently and ultimately transform themselves. We aim to mentor players who eventually get recruited.

We are passionate, straight forward and very well informed. Our mission is to always be equipped to push you further.