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Teams Whiz Kids American

*This is the updated schedule as of 6/10/2020. Changes may be made. Practice schedule will be released soon*

Top 100 Showcase Link:


2- ASBA Villanova University/Chestnut Hill College Team Showcase 7/10-7/12

3- ASBA NJ World Series Rutgers University 7/16- 7/19 

4- ASBA PA World Series Villanova/West Chester University 7/23 - 7/26

5- Millersville Team Showcase 7/27-7/29

6- Diamond Nation Blue Chip Prospects 8/3 8/4 8/5 8/6

7- University of Delaware Tournament 8/8 8/9 

A- Top 100 Individual Showcase (INVITE ONLY) 8/10 8/11

8- Diamond Nation Super 17 Bracket 1 8/17- 8/21

9- Saint Joe’s University Team Showcase 8/22 8/23

10- ASBA Pro Series (Trenton Thunder) 9/5-9/6



*8 tournaments guaranteed

*The tournaments listed above the dates and times have not been established

*We will sign up for 9 tournaments you are guaranteed 8

*We did 11 last year so if three tournaments get rained out I do not owe an additional replacement tournament

*Hotels, airfare, travel, etc are not included.

*Included in the fee uniform, hat socks belt warm up shirt helmet for new players only. Also two one on one recruitment sessions. Showcase practice, indoor work out and play n school video.